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b.stage Upgrades Custom Branding Features, Paving the Way To Create a Distinct Platform

  • In the latest b.stage update, fandom business owners gain enhanced flexibility to customize their Main Home sections to align with business objectives. Additionally, new social integration features strengthen b.stage's role as an integrated fandom hub.
  • Brice Lee, co-CEO of bemyfriends, states that “b.stage is demonstrating its scalability, proving that the fandom business model can be applied effectively across various industries."

SEOUL, Korea - Tuesday October 31, 2023 - Today, the global fandom business company bemyfriends announced a major upgrade to the “Custom Branding” feature in its all-in-one fandom solution, b.stage. The new update provides brands with greater flexibility in platform management, underscoring bemyfriends' commitment to supporting owners in cultivating thriving fandom businesses.

With the latest update, customers now have the flexibility to design and manage sections on their Main Home page. Moreover, they can establish a direct integration between b.stage and X (previously known as Twitter). This enhancement aims to guarantee seamless platform operations and amplify usability for the diverse owners who build their platforms using b.stage.

Last August, b.stage empowered owners to customize the brand cover area by adjusting aspects like the video-to-text ratio and color. With the recent update, they can go a step further—b.stage owners can now freely arrange the Main Home section to highlight the latest content, products, and community updates from the SHOP. This allows them to tailor the Main Home section according to fandom preferences, elevating the fan experience and paving the way for more efficient business strategies. A testament to the benefits of this flexibility is singer DEUX ( Seeking to boost e-commerce sales, DEUX showcased products from the SHOP prominently at the top of his Main Home page. Shortly after this adjustment, album sales skyrocketed, witnessing a surge of approximately 70% compared to the same period in the past.
Other features have also been added to b.stage to further enhance its position as a central fandom hub. Previously, b.stage supported integration with up to 20 external social media platforms, enabling fans to seamlessly access their favorite artists' collection of social channels directly from b.stage. The latest update enables owners to directly integrate with their X accounts, going beyond a basic link connection. This enhancement, which lets global fans explore content from various channels on b.stage's Main Home without jumping to individual social media platforms, is expected to significantly boost both platform engagement and user retention.
Currently, several clients in the entertainment industry, such as Queenz Eye ( and ONEUS ( are actively employing the Custom Branding feature to showcase a distinct identity and provide a special communication space for their fandom. Furthermore, b.stage is also gaining traction as the go-to corporate website solution for diverse brands like the lifestyle curation platform One&Only ( and actor Ji Chang-wook's agency, Spring Company (
"A rapidly growing number of clients are using b.stage to establish various business models such as fan communities, websites, and online stores," says Brice Lee, co-CEO of bemyfriends. "The diverse nature of the platform's Main Home is a testament to b.stage's flexibility as a fandom business solution across industries. Instead of merely registering an account on an external platform, we’re committed to ensuring that with b.stage, our clients take the lead by building their own platform. Our aim is to empower them to heighten their operational efficiency and cultivate genuine relationships with their fandom in their own distinct spaces."
On a related note, bemyfriends has remained committed to enhancing their solutions to foster fandom business growth. Recently, this included the addition of new fan communication methods such as 1:1 TALK and ASK to the real-time fandom communication feature, b.stage POP.

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