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bemyfriends Achieves ISMS-P Certification For Top-Tier Global Information Security Management

  • After securing the ISO 27001 certification in April, bemyfriends has now achieved the ISMS-P certification, reinforcing the company's advanced capabilities in global information security management.
  • From the initial stages of developing b.stage, the all-in-one fandom solution, bemyfriends has been dedicated to establishing and maintaining the highest level of security.
  • Kiyoung Lee, co-CEO of bemyfriends, states, "We are fully committed to safeguarding information to ensure our clients can securely conduct their fandom business on b.stage."

Seoul, Korea - 5 December, 2023 - On December 5th, the global fandom business company bemyfriends announced it has obtained the ISMS-P certification, which is awarded to companies that have established the highest standards of information protection and privacy management in South Korea. 

The ISMS-P certification is South Korea's most authoritative integrated certification system for information protection, co-organized by the Ministry of Science and ICT and the Personal Information Protection Commission (PIPC). To earn this certification, an entity must successfully pass a rigorous conformity audit across 102 criteria, encompassing three key areas: establishment and operation of the management system (12 items), implementation of protection measures (64 items), and compliance with specific requirements at each stage of personal information processing (22 items). 

bemyfriends has secured the ISMS-P certification by adhering to stringent security protocols across its wide range of offerings, including the all-in-one fandom solution b.stage, and its comprehensive human expertise in customer management, encompassing eCommerce, customer success, and other integrated solutions. This achievement comes after the company obtained the international standard ISO 27001 certification in April, as a further testament to the company's world-class information security management system and capabilities. 

Since its founding, bemyfriends has prioritized information protection. In the early development phases of b.stage, the all-in-one fandom solution, the company designed the solution with a strong focus on security. This commitment extends beyond technical aspects, such as conducting mock hacks, simulations, and vulnerability analyses, to incorporating security as a fundamental element in their human resources. Key to this approach is the establishment of a dedicated information protection unit directly under the CEO and the appointment of a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), a move that is unusual for a startup. 

b.stage is an all-in-one SaaS solution that enables owners to build their own platforms while retaining ownership of data. Going forward, bemyfriends will continue to maintain and strengthen the standards of information protection and privacy management in Korea for the stable operation of its clients' businesses. This dedication aligns with the "b.stage Promise," its proprietary data security principle. Additionally, the company plans to pursue internationally recognized certifications in information protection. 

“We proactively sought the ISMS-P certification to validate the safety and reliability of our b.stage service," states Kiyoung Lee, co-CEO of bemyfriends. "This achievement acknowledges the superior security standards of our solution. Going forward, we are committed to continuously enhancing our information protection framework. This will empower our clients using b.stage to securely manage their fandom businesses, as we further accelerate our global business expansion.” 

Along with enhancements to its information protection system, bemyfriends is continuously advancing its service offerings to support its clients' successful fandom businesses. This includes enhancing b.stage POP, a real-time fan communication feature, by incorporating innovative methods like 1:1 TALK and ASK. In addition, significant enhancements are being made to the b.stage Custom Branding feature, thereby further refining and expanding its comprehensive suite of solutions. 
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