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b.stage Introduces Seamless Fandom Experiences with Onsite Pickup, Marks Successful First Launch at T1CON

  • ​​​​​​​b.stage has updated its eCommerce solution with the all-new “Onsite Pickup” feature, bridging the gap between online and offline fandom experiences.
  • T1CON 2023 was the first to leverage the feature to its fullest, earning enthusiastic responses from its fandom and customers.
  • b.stage "will continue to enhance its services to provide advanced fandom experiences for both clients and fans."

SEOUL, Korea - January 3, 2024 (Wed) - b.stage, a fandom business solution, has introduced the “Onsite Pickup” feature to its global eCommerce solution. The feature is designed to improve the efficiency of fandom activities by providing increased convenience and a more sophisticated level of service.

The “Onsite Pickup” feature allows fans to pre-order merchandise sold at offline fan events hosted by b.stage owners, such as concerts, festivals, pop-up stores, and fan meetings. Fans can place their orders in advance through the b.stage Shop and then collect the merchandise directly at the event site. Upon ordering and paying for their selected product on the Onsite Pickup product page in the b.stage Shop, they will receive an Onsite Pickup Voucher QR Code. The QR code can be exchanged for the merchandise at the event. The customers will then receive a ”Receipt Notification” via the b.stage app, which contains detailed instructions on how to locate the collection booth at the venue where the voucher QR code can be scanned to claim the items.

With the “Onsite Pickup” feature update, fans can fully enjoy the event without the inconvenience of long waits to purchase merchandise. Fandom business owners will also be able assess fan demand before the event, check sales and inventory in real time, and improve sales efficiency, resulting in more robust and stable business growth.
T1, a global esports team, successfully sold merchandise at their large-scale fan meeting event, T1CON 2023, by leveraging the “Onsite Pickup” feature. On December 22, T1 started selling official T1CON merchandise such as cheering kits, hoodies, and beanies through its b.stage membership platform ( The merchandise was made available to all members, both paying and non-paying, and experienced such high demand that some items were sold out within just an hour of becoming available. At the T1CON event held at Dongdaemun DDP on December 30, fans were enthusiastic about the “Onsite Pickup” feature as it enabled them to receive their merchandise by simply following the instructions provided in the pickup notifications.

"The ‘Onsite Pickup’ feature connects online and offline fandom activities to increase convenience for fans,” states a representative from b.stage. “Its success has not only been evident at T1CON, but also at events such as TIOT fan concerts. We have received positive responses from fans who appreciated the ease of purchasing products in advance using Onsite Pickup and receiving them at the event. Going forward, we will continue to develop our services and solutions to elevate the fandom experience for both our clients and their fans who engage with b.stage."

Over the past year, b.stage has rapidly advanced its solutions and offerings to support the success of its clients’ fandom businesses. Key enhancements include the integration of innovative fan communication tools like 1:1 TALK and ASK into its real-time, two-way communication feature, b.stage POP. Additionally, substantial improvements have been made to the Custom Branding feature, granting clients with more freedom and flexibility in managing their platforms.
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