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b.stage Launches Beta of datalabs for Data Analysis and Marketing, Unveiling A New Era of Fandom Tech

  • b.stage has launched the beta version of datalabs, enabling owners to run data-driven fandom businesses.
  • The new service gives fandom business owners on b.stage access to critical information such as user information, sales trends, and product analysis.
  • b.stage intends to position itself as an optimized solution that leads the digital transformation of the fandom business.

SEOUL, Korea - February 6, 2024 - The fandom business total solution b.stage has announced the beta launch of datalabs, a data analysis service that helps owners enhance platform operations and maximize fandom marketing performance. As the digital transformation of the entertainment industry through IT continues to gain momentum, datalabs emerges as an innovative tool in the era of “Fandom Tech,” catering to a wide range of customers venturing into the fandom business.

datalabs, launched by b.stage, is a service that helps clients track and analyze fandom trends and reactions on their b.stage platforms. With these data-driven insights, owners can navigate their strategies and grow their business more effectively. "We are launching datalabs to help our customers develop a successful fandom business by building, validating, and supplementing hypotheses based on data obtained from b.stage," states JunKi Kim, CPO of bemyfriends.

b.stage's datalabs service goes beyond basic analytics by offering comprehensive data on user metrics, including active users (fans) and memberships, alongside crucial business insights like total sales, average payments, and sales rankings. This tool helps customers understand fandom activities through detailed analyses of user acquisition, engagement and retention, sales trends, and product performance. More specifically, datalabs delves into granular data such as 'time of visit,' 'visit by country,' 'acquisition routes,' 'engagement time per visit,' and 'preferred content.' With this knowledge, customers can identify the desires and characteristics of their fandoms on b.stage, ensuring their content offerings resonate with their target audience.

In addition to fandom insights, datalabs provides data focused on helping customers optimize their businesses for growth. In the sales statistics and product analysis section, customers can check the sales of various products sold on b.stage, such as memberships, digital vouchers, and merchandise. This helps businesses manage their online sales more effectively by offering insights into sales trends by product, preferred payment methods, rankings of product sales, the geographical distribution of purchases, and tracking subscription cancellations. Additionally, datalabs users benefit from real-time insights provided by the b.stage development and operations team who have years of experience in running successful fandom businesses.

Insights from datalabs can also be used to support advertising and marketing efforts. Owners can create targeted campaigns in datalabs to segment fans based on their content preferences, survey participation, or likelihood to purchase products. They can then reach out to these groups by email, and track the effectiveness of these campaigns through detailed reporting on mailing results and performance. Initially focusing on email, this feature is set to expand to include app push notifications and text (SMS) messaging. This allows customers to streamline their advertising and marketing initiatives directly within datalabs, eliminating the need for separate CRM and advertising tools.

"The key to a successful fandom business is to accurately identify the needs of the fandom through engagement and providing the right content," said Kiyoung Lee, co-CEO of bemyfriends. “With the launch of datalabs, we are making it easier for our customers to strengthen fan loyalty based on data. We are committed to continuously enhancing our solutions and services to position b.stage as an optimized solution that leads the digital transformation of the fandom business."

Following its entry into the U.S. early last year, b.stage entered the Japanese market in January of this year, accelerating its global business expansion. Leveraging its expertise in the IP business, fandom consulting, and eCommerce, b.stage offers a total solution to help clients succeed in the fandom business.
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