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bemyfriends and Hanjin Strengthen the Global Logistics Business in the US

  • The strategic partnership will allow bemyfriends to provide clients with all-in-one logistics services, including North American fulfilment and worldwide LMD.
  • "We will do our best to provide stable logistics services to our customers together with Hanjin so that various clients can grow together with their global fandom," says Steve Seo, co-CEO of bemyfriends.

Seoul, Korea - Wednesday 19 July, 2023 -  bemyfriends, a global fandom business company, announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Hanjin, with a focus on enhancing logistics operations primarily in North America. This strategic collaboration will enable bemyfriends to provide stable logistics services to fans and business owners all over the world, while also accelerating the growth of the global fandom business.

This partnership comes at a time when both companies are actively exploring avenues for global business expansion, with a particular focus on the United States. Throughout the year, bemyfriends has been pursuing its U.S.-based global business, obtaining financing from a U.S. venture capital firm in March. Meanwhile, Hanjin has been making investments in new logistics industries, including the successful launch of "HOOT TOWN"—a worldwide C2C direct sales platform—in April.

Moving forward, both companies will collaborate to offer comprehensive logistics services, including fulfillment services in North America and global last mile delivery (LMD) from North America to bemyfriends' clients. Notably, Hanjin will establish a dedicated fulfillment center specifically catered to the needs of the fandom business in North America. Through this agreement, bemyfriends will enhance its already successful fandom business by integrating Hanjin's extensive global fulfillment infrastructure and eCommerce expertise with their own deep knowledge of the fandom industry. As a result, its clients will benefit from the convenience of streamlined distribution services within the United States.
"bemyfriends provides the full range of support and services to help clients grow together with their fandoms around the world," says Steve Seo, co-CEO of bemyfriends. "Stable global eCommerce and logistics infrastructure are both essential for the seamless operation of all fandom business owners. bemyfriends will do its best to provide exceptional global logistics services for owners through our partnership with Hanjin, leveraging their rich experience and know-how in the field."
Aside from K-Pop, bemyfriends works with clients in a variety of industries, including eSports, entertainment, content and media. Their comprehensive suite of services includes everything needed to operate a successful fandom company, including technology and consulting solutions. bemyfriends caters to a broad variety of needs for fandom business owners with offers such as b.stage—an all-in-one fandom solution—FLNK—a live streaming service—as well as specialised services such as fandom business consulting, worldwide eCommerce, IP-based business, and operational agency services.
Meanwhile, bemyfriends has been proactively expanding its global client base by establishing a local subsidiary in the United States this year. It has supported the b.stage openings and overall fandom business of global esports team Sentinels and K-Content media creator EVERLAST KOREA. The company has also participated in global events such as the Sundance Film Festival and SXSW 2023, interacting with global leaders across industries to demonstrate the scalability of the fandom business.
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