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bemyfriends and TREASURE HUNTER Join Forces to Drive Shift from Creators to Entrepreneurs

  • bemyfriends teams up with TREASURE HUNTER to build the next generation of the creator business model and drive entrepreneurship among creators in the fandom business.
  • "True growth in the creator economy will come from creators' self-driven business development," says Brice Lee, co-CEO of bemyfriends.

Seoul, Korea - Tuesday 29 August 2023 - bemyfriends, a global fandom business company, has announced it is launching a joint project with Korea's leading creator economy company, TREASURE HUNTER, led by the aim of creating a next-generation creator business model. The collaboration aims to provide creators with an autonomous platform in order to address the limitations inherent in the current creator industry, which is characterized by platform reliance and subscriber-centric dynamics. In doing so, the collaboration aims to transform creators into entrepreneurs and introduce a new business model to revolutionize the fandom business's existing value chain.

TREASURE HUNTER is currently South Korea's leading MCN (multi-channel network) company, with over 1000 creator teams worldwide engaged in content, new media marketing, and commerce. With a focus on evolving into a creator business company, it's actively scaling its operations in collaboration with domestic and international deep-tech firms.
bemyfriends and TREASURE HUNTER intend to leverage their expertise to establish a "virtuous cycle" that empowers creators to establish dependable revenue models and generate high-quality content. Serving as startup mentors for aspiring creators, the two companies will collaborate to develop innovative service offerings that encompass technical solutions and profound insights into the fandom business. Notably, they will offer an all-encompassing solution based on b.stage, enabling creators to construct their personalized direct-to-consumer (D2C) platforms, thus circumventing the need to align with external platforms.

Furthermore, the two companies will collaborate on developing tailored business models that cater to the unique needs of creators across diverse sectors. Specialized teams, made up of experts in areas such as fandom business, IP business, and global eCommerce, will be assembled to offer tailored consulting and operational services. These services will be built to meet the specific characteristics of each creator and their fandom, with the aim of accelerating growth and enhancing ownership. Through this collaboration, the companies aim to set a new standard for business models within the creator economy.

"TREASURE HUNTER and bemyfriends share a common vision, one that extends beyond creators to view them as self-reliant entrepreneurs," says Jae-Ryong Song, CEO of TREASURE HUNTER. "Drawing from our decade-long engagement in fostering diverse creators within the creative economy, we look forward to collaborating actively with bemyfriends to establish a virtuous cycle within the creative economy landscape, empowering creators to independently manage their customers."

"The expansion of the creator economy depends on how much autonomy creators have and how well they develop their own businesses as entrepreneurs," states Brice Lee, co-CEO of bemyfriends. "It's crucial for creators to not be dependent on platforms while relying on their subscriber base, as this influences both their ability to secure stable revenue and the quality of their content. We anticipate that the synergy between bemyfriends' expertise in IT technology and fandom business strategy, coupled with TREASURE HUNTER's in-depth understanding of the creator industry, will have a transformative impact on the creator economy." 

In the past two years, bemyfriends has successfully expanded the fandom business across various sectors, ranging from K-Pop to media and individual creators, thereby demonstrating the scalability of the fandom business. The company has been particularly active in supporting popular YouTube creator Osaka544 on their official b.stage platform, most prominently through the release of special merchandise to celebrate the creator's milestone of reaching 1 million subscribers. Additionally, bemyfriends has accrued various success stories, notably planning, producing, and selling official tour merchandise for MONSTA X member I.M., a move that has garnered widespread attention from global fans.
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