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b.stage Enhances Real-time Communication Experience with New Updates on ‘b.stage POP’

  • b.stage POP, a real-time communication feature on b.stage, expands beyond live video and text chats to include 1:1 interactions, delivering a new fandom experience.
  • Fans highlight "direct communication, friendliness, and focused attention" as key benefits of private messaging.
  • bemyfriends "will continue to enhance its services to help artists and fans around the world create unique experiences with b.stage."

SEOUL, Korea- 16 October 2023 (Mon) - bemyfriends, a global fandom business company, announced today an enhancement to b.stage POP, a real-time communication feature within b.stage, the all-in-one fandom solution. With the additions of 1:1 TALK for private messaging and ASK for Q&A, the upgrade serves to enrich the platform's interactive capabilities between fans and stars, introducing new ways for artists to connect with their global fandoms.

b.stage has continuously evolved to meet the needs of artists and fans, reinforcing its status as the "playground" for global fandom. From content and community to memberships, global e-commerce to live streaming, b.stage is an all-in-one solution with all the features necessary to amplify a fandom business. It provides a single, convenient platform for artists and fans to gather together for a wide range of activities, eliminating the need to navigate through multiple platforms. The latest update underscores the company's commitment to enhancing fan experiences with the introduction of 1:1 communication.

According to the bemyfriends' Fandom Experience Survey, 70% of fans say that they find private messaging both appealing and necessary. The benefits of private messaging include that it facilitates direct communication with artists, enables fans to interact with artists in a friendly manner, and provides a sense that the artist is focused attentively on the fan's messages. As such, private messaging emerges as an essential feature within the global fandom business.

With the addition of private messaging into b.stage POP, which facilitates real-time fandom interactions, fans can now enjoy live streaming, text chat, and 1:1 TALK all in one centralized location, freely switching between the modes as they wish. When fans engage in 1:1 TALK and an artist initiates a live stream, the fan feels like they're getting a phone call from the artist, adding an unexpected twist to the interaction. Moreover, artists have the ability to send photos and answer questions using the ASK feature during both live and text chats. b.stage POP also comes with its own collection of emojis, allowing artists and fans to express themselves in a myriad of playful and expressive ways.

The latest update to b.stage POP is set to enhance the fan communication experience by introducing a variety of engaging elements for global fans. “ATEEZ”, a K-POP boy group managed by KQ Entertainment, is currently leveraging b.stage POP to engage with fans through their own platform. Following the girl group “Queenz Eye” on the 15th, multinational rookie girl group "X:IN" on the 18th, and others will be using b.stage POP to communicate with global fans. Going forward, a variety of K-POP and entertainment acts are slated to adopt b.stage POP as a strategic channel for communicating with fans worldwide.

"The concept of b.stage is to support owners with IT infrastructure to build and own their fandom platforms, rather than joining other platforms," says Brice Lee, co-CEO of bemyfriends. "Through b.stage, owners can build a hub to manage all aspects of their fandom business on their own, allowing them to communicate authentically with global fans and provide a wide range of fandom experiences without using multiple platforms. We remain committed to enhancing our services so that artists and fandoms around the world can create unique experiences with b.stage."

As a company specializing in global fandom business, bemyfriends is expanding its business areas to include b.stage, an all-in-one fandom solution that helps customers build IT infrastructure to support successful fandom business, fandom consulting, global e-commerce, and the IP-based business. 

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