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VIVO TV Reaches 1 Million Page Views on Their Own Platform Powered by b.stage

  • Committed to strengthening fan communication, VIVO TV's b.stage enjoys a repeat visit rate surpassing 60%.
  • The official merchandise released in collaboration with bemyfriends' IP business team has also gained popularity.
  • Song Eun-i, CEO of Content Lab VIVO, values the ability to observe fans' reactions and feedback in real time and plans to create additional content to delight fans.

SEOUL, Korea - Wednesday November 8, 2023 - The popular South Korean podcast VIVO TV has achieved a remarkable milestone by surpassing 1 million cumulative page views on its dedicated platform, Vivozangzidae, built with b.stage to communicate with fans. Since its launch in June, the podcast hosts’ b.stage has delighted fans with a wide range of engaging activities, such as original content, events, and surveys, resulting in a return visit rate exceeding 60%.

VIVO TV is an acclaimed podcast in South Korea in which the two hosts, Song Eun-i and Kim Sook, offer advice to their listeners who submit their stories, drawing in a dedicated fandom with their friendly charm and witty banter. In June, they took their commitment to fan engagement to the next level by launching their official platform, Vivozangzidae (, powered by the all-in-one fandom solution, b.stage. This platform serves as a haven for communication with their global fandom. Since its launch, Vivozangzidae has garnered immense attention, with registrations pouring in from various corners of the world, including Korea, the United States, Japan, Canada, and China.

The popularity of Vivozangzidae can be attributed to the podcast hosts' innovative approach to operating their b.stage, which places a strong emphasis on fostering two-way communication with loyal fans. Both Song and Kim have actively engaged with their fans by sharing photos and posts on the “To. Fans” board and uploading Star Stories, while fans have reciprocated by expressing their thoughts and stories through the exclusive message boards. Beyond the community, Vivozangzidae has leveraged b.stage's real-time two-way fan communication feature, b.stage POP, to establish even more intimate bonds with their super fans. On October 3, they surprised fans with a live broadcast through b.stage POP, and have expressed their aim to continue communicating with their fans in various ways to cultivate deeper relationships. 

The response to the official merchandise has been overwhelmingly positive, as it intertwines the brand's identity and narrative with its dedicated fandom. In celebration of the platform's launch, Vivozangzidae joined forces with bemyfriends' IP business team, collaborating from planning to production and sales. The company introduced a range of meaningful official merchandise, including brick key rings as a token of gratitude to fans who played a vital role in relocating to a new building. They also offered socks to support fans' every step, in a moved that touched the hearts of super fans who have been with them for eight years. These exclusive official merchandise items were made available through b.stage's global e-commerce service, ensuring that fans from over 208 countries across the globe can easily access and purchase these rewards. 

"Prior to the platform's launch, it was challenging to engage in meaningful interactions with our fans through our existing website and social media channels," states Song Eun-i, CEO of Content Lab VIVO. "Since the platform's launch, we've been able to establish active, real-time communication with our fans, enabling us to closely monitor their reactions and gather invaluable feedback. This has provided us with a clear understanding of their preferences and desires. We look forward to continuing to engage with our fans using Vivozangzidae, offering a wide range of original content to enhance their enjoyment." 

"We are witnessing a strong synergy between VIVO TV's content fandom and bemyfriends' expertise and know-how in the fandom business, leading to continuous growth alongside their loyal fans," states Brice Kiyong Lee, co-CEO of bemyfriends. "Moving forward, we are committed to actively collaborating with VIVO TV to help them succeed with our technology, e-commerce, and content business solutions. I am also looking forward to showing you more examples of how other owners from a wide range of industries are succeeding in the fandom business, starting with VIVO TV."

Developed by bemyfriends, b.stage offers a comprehensive suite of features essential to run a successful fandom business. As an all-in-one solution, it covers everything from content management to commerce, community, membership management, surveys, live streaming, and more. Notably, all data generated by b.stage belongs to the owner, empowering them to make data-driven decisions and refine their content strategies. Currently, a diverse range of domestic and international owners from various industries, including K-POP, eSports, media, and content creators, are actively using b.stage as their go-to business solution.
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