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How the Community Feature in an All-in-one Solution Enhances the Fandom Business

Every year, the Singapore-based venture capital (VC) firm Antler releases the Creator Economy Map, a report containing insights from the global creator economy. This year, the firm listed bemyfriends, the creator of b.stage, as a recognizable startup in the Fan Interaction category under Community Growth. According to Antler, building close relationships with fans through communities will be a way for brands to secure a competitive edge amidst economic challenges. 
Antler has also predicated that forming long-term relationships with fans through trust-building will be the foundation for diversifying monetization prospects, no matter what field creators work in or what industries brands operate in.

As a result, many companies have recently started to emphasize the importance of communities to business growth. At bemyfriends, we see community as a way for businesses and communities to grow together rather than a business growing a community. 

So, why did Antler pay attention to bemyfriends? The answer can be found in our SaaS solution, b.stage.

Why b.stage COMMUNITY?
There are several things that community builders like yourself consider important. To begin with, you will want to have complete control over everything down to the smallest details, such as color and who you want to gather in your community. Following that, you would have to consider the business aspects of establishing and running a community. For example, receiving IT technical support and consulting, opening a tailored space, direct and indirect monetization opportunities, performance indicators, and app availability. Wouldn't it be convenient to have a solution that offers all of these features in one place? 

b.stage, a global fandom business platform builder, has evolved to meet the needs of community creators. As an all-in-one solution, b.stage has all of the features needed to build a fandom based on COMMUNITY, along with other essential aspects to run a business, including eCommerce and live streaming. Fans can easily participate in fan activities by gathering on your b.stage to enjoy content, interact in the COMMUNITY, and purchase your products all in one place. This will increase fan engagement on your platform organically.

With b.stage, you can activate a COMMUNITY for your fandom.
Just one b.stage is enough for everything you need for your fandom business.

Introducing b.stage COMMUNITY

■ The benefits of b.stage COMMUNITY for owners
01 You can have both public and private communities
On b.stage, you can set individual permissions to post and read content on each board. You can open and manage both member-exclusive and manager-exclusive boards, with each community catering to a specific purpose and audience. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)* only applies to public boards. For security reasons, external searches are blocked for member-exclusive boards. In other words, you can create and manage communities in a flexible manner to meet specific needs.
* SEO (Search Engine Optimization): The process of improving the quantity and quality of traffic that reaches a website from search engines. The sooner a site appears in search results, the higher it ranks, and the more likely users are to click on it.

02 Your b.stage remains active as fans participate in the COMMUNITY
b.stage enables two-way communication. Owners can share official information on b.stage, but this does not have to be a one-sided process. Just like you can upload various types of content, so can your fans. This means that stars, b.stage managers, and fans can communicate and share information with each other in the Community to build a stronger ecosystem. 

03 You can grow your COMMUNITY with exclusive information, sales, and rewards for fans 
In your COMMUNITY, you can provide your fans with announcements about broadcast attendance, product releases, and more. Fans can check the instructions in the COMMUNITY and go to the SHOP on b.stage to purchase products or tickets right away. With no intermediary platforms, fans end up staying on your b.stage longer. 

You can create and manage your own Reward program to encourage fans who have been active participants on your b.stage for a long time. Depending on the mission you set, the goal of the COMMUNITY activity can be presented to fans in advance, or fans who are active in the COMMUNITY can be rewarded for their efforts. This enhances fan loyalty and activates the COMMUNITY. The more loyal fans you have in your community, the more likely you are to attract new fans.

As a result, the b.stage becomes the go-to space for everything from communication to commercial activities and compensation. In short, everything you need to run a fandom business.

■ The benefits of b.stage COMMUNITY for fans
01 Fans can meet people with the same interests in an intimate space
Fans can meet and interact with people who share the same interests in the COMMUNITY by uploading content, writing comments, or reacting to other people's content through emoticons. Artists and brand representatives can see the stories fans share, allowing them to directly or indirectly fulfill their wishes.

02 Fans can express themselves through user-generated content
In most communities, fans will be able to respond to content posted by stars through emoticons or comments. However, in the b.stage COMMUNITY, fans can also post content directly, depending on the board permission settings. They can post fan art they have created for the owner, ask any questions they want, and share thoughts about meeting you at offline events. 

03 The Community enhances fan loyalty, unites fans and deepens the fandom
By setting up a member-exclusive space in the COMMUNITY, you can enhance the bonds between super fans. Being distinguished from casual fans heightens the feeling of being a special and important person. Everything is in one place, saving you the trouble of finding a separate space.

So, how can you use the COMMUNITY feature in b.stage?

■ Here’s how!
Case 1. COMMUNITY for Announcements

Case 2. Community for Fan Engagement

Case 3. Member-exclusive community

How to get started with

■ Here's how easy it is to start a COMMUNITY on your b.stage!
STEP1. Add a COMMUNITY to your b.stage by going to the Admin page, followed by [MY B.STAGE] - [COMMUNITY] - [Board Management].
- Basic Board: You can write posts with titles.
- Simplified Board: You can write posts without titles.

STEP2. Configure the board settings.

- Board name: Choose a name that fits the purpose and nature of the board.
- Basic View: Select list type or card type. A card type is a board in which the image in the text is displayed as a thumbnail. b.stage recommends this type as a way to bring attention to the post.
- Read permissions: Set the permissions for reading posts to all members/only members with memberships.
- Post permissions: Configure who can make posts on the board. All members who are granted read permissions can write posts, or only the manager may be granted permission to post. Usually, for announcement boards, the posting privileges will be restricted to managers.
- Show/Delete: To hide the board, turn off the switch on the left. You cannot delete a board if it includes at least 1 post.

But wait a second! What's the difference between a Star and Manager on b.stage?
- Star: A person who has been given a Star account, can add Star Stories, view members and paid content.
- Manager: The person who operates and manages the b.stage. In the case of corporate brands, it would be equivalent to a community manager or marketer. Managers can pin comments, hide inappropriate comments, and view members and paid content.

STEP3. Complete the board configuration by clicking [Apply] in the top right.

STEP4. The first board you create becomes the main board.
If you want to add another board, go back to STEP 1 and repeat the process.
As b.stage is an all-in-one solution, it helps you build a solid fandom business by combining COMMUNITY, CONTENT, and e-COMMERCE in one space. Your fans on b.stage can easily take advantage of your other offers that integrate seamlessly with the Community. In doing so, b.stage becomes the go-to space for fans who are scattered across multiple platforms to gather together.
While you can make some of the content you post on b.stage public, you can also facilitate more intimate forms of communication with your most devoted fans in exclusive communities. Another way to increase fan engagement is by offering rewards to fans who are active in your community.
Communities show us that a fandom business can only thrive if it operates as a team, with active communication between owners and fans, as well as between fans. Activate the community, and help your fandom business grow. So, why not use b.stage to create a fan community that reflects your goals and personality?

We support owners in building successful fandom businesses.

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