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b.stage Spreads Fandom Business Model Globally, Strengthening Partnership with World of Dance

  • b.stage stands out as a leading fandom business solution, serving global clients such as World of Dance, American artists, Japanese idols, and K-Culture communities.
  • b.stage aims to “export its K-POP fandom business expertise, showcasing its successful business model to a global audience.”

SEOUL, Korea - April 2, 2024 - b.stage, a fandom business total solution, has announced that it is making significant strides in expanding its global reach by securing new clients from around the world. Alongside its recent partnership with World of Dance, b.stage has forged collaborations with the American content creators Triplett Family Network, up-and-coming hip-hop artist Geo, artist John Mackk, Japanese K-Culture community Tokyo Shin-Okubo, and Japanese idol groups ENJIN-円神 and BananaLemon. With this expansion of its global client base, b.stage is continuing to leverage its IT infrastructure and expertise to spread Korean fandom business strategies to a worldwide audience.

■ Building a fandom platform for the global entertainment IP “World of Dance”
World of Dance, the entertainment brand known for the world's premier dance competition, has entered into a strategic partnership with b.stage to expand the program's global fandom business. This collaboration underscores the adaptability of b.stage’s fandom business model, with World of Dance choosing b.stage as their solution to elevate fandom engagement and strengthen brand impact on a global scale. World of Dance is currently actively hosting more than 50 global competitions in 25 countries across the US, Asia and Europe.
World of Dance plans to leverage its major online and offline momentum, including the World of Dance Summit in Los Angeles in 2024, to build a global fan community with b.stage and provide a variety of services including membership, VOD content, and live ticket sales. The two companies expect that b.stage's IT technology and deep expertise in the global fandom business, combined with World of Dance's strong brand recognition and partner network, will drive synergistic growth and expansion on a global scale.
■ Feeling the constraints of traditional social media, US celebrity creator group “The Triplett Family” aims to strengthen interactive communication with fans with b.stage
“The Triplett Family,” an American celebrity creator group, has opened a b.stage ( to foster more meaningful interactions with their fans. Comprising Joshua Triplett, an actor and singer renowned for his role in CBS's hit series "The Neighborhood," and his daughter Jaidyn Triplett, known for her appearance in the 2021 reboot of Nickelodeon's beloved sitcom "iCarly," the family has been actively engaging with their audience through conventional social media. However, with b.stage, they're now leveraging enhanced communication tools like “Star Story” and “Community” to deepen fan connections. Fans can look forward to a richer experience with exclusive content, including behind-the-scenes looks into the Triplett family's life, music videos from Joshua and Jaidyn, and clips of their performances.

b.stage is rapidly establishing itself as the go-to solution for global music artists looking to cultivate a deeper connection with their fandoms. Notably, the up-and-coming hip-hop artist Geo, who debuted in 2023, has chosen b.stage ( to enhance fan engagement ahead of his first EP release, "Leave u behind." Adopting a model similar to K-POP stars, Geo is building a paid fanclub through b.stage Membership, offering exclusive perks to his fans. Additionally, other artists like rapper John Mackk are preparing to launch their own platforms on B.Stage, indicating a growing trend of artists seeking more intimate and rewarding ways to connect with their fans.
■ K-POP fandom business model spreads to Japan 
The K-POP fandom business model is making significant inroads into Japan, riding the wave of the ongoing K-Culture craze. Since launching its Japanese operations in January this year, b.stage has been actively acquiring Japanese clients. In Shin-Okubo, Tokyo's largest hub for Korean culture, an online community named " (" was launched in collaboration with b.stage. It serves as a digital haven for Hallyu enthusiasts, offering a diverse range of K-Culture content from K-POP to K-Beauty.

Moreover, the Japanese idol group ENJIN, which gained prominence at K-CON 2022 Premier in Tokyo, has adopted b.stage ( to broaden its fanbase internationally. ENJIN inaugurated its global platform with b.stage earlier this month, leveraging b.stage POP, a feature enabling real-time, two-way fan interaction through live video streams, chat, and private messaging. Going forward, more Japanese artists, including girl group BananaLemon, plan to use b.stage as a springboard for their global expansion. 

■ b.stage proves its viability by expanding the domestic fandom business market 
In February, b.stage held its first media day, "2024 b.stage Media Day: All About Fandom Business," unveiling its activities, achievements, and global capabilities over the past three years backed by data and client success stories. Just two years post-launch, b.stage has attracted over 100 enterprise clients, a number that surged to 120 by March 2024. In another significant achievement, b.stage has broadened its market reach beyond the fields of K-POP, music, and entertainment, extending into diverse sectors such as esports and content creation, thereby proving the viability of its solution. 

"IPs with fandom are becoming more and more influential around the world, and the market is growing rapidly," said Steve Wooseok Seo, CEO of bemyfriends. “In addition to the global market trend, the fact that Korea's sophisticated fandom business model is gaining traction in various countries is a great opportunity for us. We will take the lead in spreading the scalability of fandom business beyond the US and Japan to wider international markets.”
Further solidifying its market leadership, b.stage has recently established itself as a global fandom business partner for K-Pop artists with large fandoms, including Hwasa ( and Taemin ( 
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