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b.stage Surpasses 1 Million Monthly Active Users, Demonstrating Global Usability for Core Fans

  • b.stage rapidly expands its global client base, acquiring users in Korea, the U.S., Japan, and the U.K., and significantly increasing monthly active users (MAUs).
  • With users spread across 224 countries and a 70% retention rate, b.stage demonstrates strong global loyalty and presence.
  • b.stage reinforces its commitment to making the fandom business possible for anyone with fans around the world. 

SEOUL, Korea - 14, May 2024 - b.stage, a fandom business total solution, announced today that it has surpassed 1 million monthly active users (MAUs). The achievement comes two years after its official launch in April 2022. With the steep growth in MAUs, b.stage plans to continue its growth trend by enhancing its services and securing customers from diverse fields.

As a solution for global fandom businesses, b.stage offers a wide range of features, including content management, community building, membership services, global commerce, live streaming, and real-time interactive communication. It also provides diversified business solutions like IP management and consulting. Currently, fans from 224 countries around the world have visited fandom platforms built with b.stage, demonstrating how the company is strengthening its position as the undisputed global fandom platform.

b.stage's user data is particularly valuable for customers because the traffic is gathered on their proprietary, custom-built platforms tailored to their fandom businesses. These platforms enable business owners to access, manage, and analyze their own fandom data, applying insights directly to their strategies. As of April 2024, fandom platforms developed with b.stage have achieved a user retention rate of about 70%, demonstrating that loyal fans remain actively engaged on the platform.

Thanks to the loyalty of core fans, b.stage is quickly becoming the preferred fandom business infrastructure for the K-Pop and broader entertainment industries, with a significant presence in Korea, the U.S., and Japan. With over 130 customers globally, the company is expanding rapidly and extending the fandom business model beyond K-POP and entertainment to include areas like esports, actors, and content.

“As a result of our efforts to demonstrate the stability of b.stage and the scalability of the global fandom business, we have successfully expanded our reach with more clients across diverse fields, experiencing a rapid increase in global fandom engagement,” states Kiyoung Lee, co-CEO of bemyfriends, the company behind b.stage. “We will continue to strive to promote the fandom business model so that anyone with a global fandom can establish a successful business with b.stage.”

bemyfriends has attracted a total of 37.9 billion KRW (approx. 27 million USD) in Series A investments from domestic and foreign companies and investors such as CJ, CJ Olive Networks, Saehan Venture Capital, GS Holdings, Dreamus Company, and the American venture capital Cleveland Avenue, solidifying its position as a leader in the global fandom business. Recently, b.stage has also successfully attracted various international clients such as the Japanese K-culture community Tokyo, and Japanese idol groups ENJIN and BananaLemon, further demonstrating the global scalability of its fandom business model.
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