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b.stage brings together the most innovative tech to build brand fandom – from NFT-enabled rewards and beyond. Brands can use b.stage to build their own platform, or to embed it in their existing platforms and websites. Functional, flexible and fast to get up and running.

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Being a brand should be a two-way street. Your fans want that connection, and have plenty to give back. By spending more time connecting with their fans, brands can find new ways to listen to their ideas and create things together.

Own all your

The days of paying expensive third-party agencies for fragmented data are over. We give you data that’s easy to digest and actually helps your business. You can also ask fans questions directly, with surveys and QR that gets them straight to your platform. Having more information about your fans’ journeys, interests, and behaviour gives you more creative control and the chance to make things even better for them.

Your fandom

Whether you’re a fashion brand looking to offer exclusive VIP membership, or an entertainment platform looking to add ecommerce, we got you. b.stage is a web-based SaaS service so can easily plug into your existing platforms and sites. You keep working your magic, b.stage will cover the fandom.


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