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Sincere Connection

Bring all of your content and fans
from different platforms
into one space to build deeper relationships.
Increase meaningful fan engagement
with b.stage POP, memberships,
communities, live streaming, video calls,
and more—all on b.stage.

b.stage POP

Discover the power
of conversation
Use b.stage POP
to connect with
your fans anytime

Switch between live sessions,
chatting, and 1:1 TALK
at ease to share intimate
stories with your fans.

Discover seamless connections
between fans and stars,
available anytime and anywhere
from the b.stage Home.

Safeguard the well-being
of your stars with real-time
monitoring, making sure
that every conversation
remains healthy.


Open communities
to create
a welcoming
space for your fans
to connect with
one another

Operate fan communities at different tiers.

Increase fan engagement with comments and emoticons.

Run multiple communities for different purposes.

* You can open up to 50 communities.

Create and run a dedicated
community for fans
with digital wallets.


Offer exclusive benefits
to your membership fans
and boost their loyalty

Provide exclusive content to
your membership fans inside
your b.stage.
—without having to
use any external ticketing sites.

Set up memberships and offer
tier-based exclusive perks to
your fans in one place.

* You can operate up to 10 memberships at the
same time.

Need help getting up and
running with b.stage?

Get personalized support and
consulting on everything from building
your platform
and operating your
fandom business.
Take your fandom business
to new heights with help from experts.

Surveys, Polls

Conduct surveys
and polls on b.stage

to make sure you know
what fans
truly need
and reflect it in your

Conduct surveys for your fans
on b.stage
without relying on external tools.
Launch surveys right
your fans are.

From multiple choice to
comments, ask your fans
and communicate
with them

Want to create merchandise
your fans?
Ask them what they want
using polls.
You can create polls using
both text and images.

Live streaming

Connect with your fans
through live
whenever and
wherever you want

Make it easy for fans on b.stage to join your live streams without directing them to external links.

Hear from your global fans in real-time with live comments.


Get fans up to speed
with the
b.stage app

Fans can bookmark your
and find you easily.

Let your fans know the latest news
with push notifications.

Just one b.stage is enough
for everything
you need for your fandom business

Own your platform, own the content,
own the data—and
run a sustainable business